kc Photography
I started taking snapshots (noice that I did not say Photographs) around 1955.  One of my first pictures was of Dwight Eisenhower in a parade through the streets of our little town of 12,000.  When the rol of film was finally developed I discovered a problem--everything was crooked!!!  Then I found my next problem--a picture was blurry.  Then my next--another picture was too dark. 

Through the years I continued to find and fix problems BUT they were not worthy of hanging on the wall.  After reading many books and much practice I was finally able to capture photographs worthy of hanging on the wall.  

I would like to pass all that I have learned to you so that you can enjoy photography as much as I do.  I totally enjoy meeting people and working with them to select a photograph for their home, to share my photographic knowledge with them or to work with them creating a customized development of one of their photos.