kc Photography
Try Photographs in Your Home
On Your Walls--With Your Lighting
​​​I will bring all my photographs to your house for evaluation on your walls.  You can decide which photographs you like, what size works best, and whether the photograph needs to be lightened or darkened.  All of these attributes are affected by the spaciousness, the wall colors, the amount of light available in the area, whether the light is natural or artificial, and how close you will be when you view the photograph or photograph grouping.
When I first started training, I tried to have the training immediately after the Farmers Market closed.  This did not work out well because people were not available at that particular time and the outdoor lighting was too strong to effectively use a  computer. Additionaly, it was inconvenient for most people to pack up their cameras and computer (if they even had a laptop) and show up outside on a damp or windy day.
I think that personalized training at your home with your camera and computer (and my camera and computer) is the best way to provide a great learning experience.  Please give me a call at 636-332-1825 to discusss the classes and set up an appointment.
Improving Your Photos
​​This course applies whether you are using your cellphone or your new camera.  The course will help you define the subject and mood of the photo, the most pleasing composition, and the best lighting
Developing in Lightroom &
 ON1 Photo
This course shows you how to use the Adobe Lightroom software to catalog your photos.  We will also detail how to crop, set exposure and white balance, and set highlights and shadows.  Photo sharpening and techniques to minimize noise will also be described.
Camera Setup & Use
This course covers the various camera settings, how they affect your photograph, and how to use the settings to get the best photographs
Customized Developing of Your Photo
Photographs do not usually go straight from the camera to print. The photo usually requires adjustments and cropping to bring out how the scene looked to you when the photograph was taken.

Sometimes the goal is not to develop a realistic photograph but an artistic rendition that is produced  in specialized software applications.

The final process is to resize the photograph to the framed size using "fractal algorithms" and then finally print the result using genuine Canon paper and Canon inks that are guaranteed not to fade.  Please contact me to set up an appointment to discuss development possibilities of your special photographs.